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Zero Turn Lawn Mowers
Zero Turn Lawn Mowers have become a popular type of riding lawn mowers in recent years. The great advantage to owning a zero turn lawn mower is that the mower is designed to cut very closely around obstacles, therefore eliminating the need for trimming.

They are also allow you to reduce the time you spend mowing, leaving you time for more productive things (like golf and relaxing).

A zero turn mower has the capability of rotating in near perfect 360 degree circles. Basically allowing you the freedom to "turn on a dime" or at at least a quarter. This tight turn radius works great for maneuvering around yard obstacles like trees, rocks, fence posts or even "Sparky" the dog.

As far as Zero Turn Mower Brands go there are a few to take note of. Husqvarna, Club Cadet, Arien, John Deere and Craftsman are known for some high quality Zero Turn Models.